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I Never Expected This To Happen...

In September 2014, I made my first ever trip to Thailand.

My friend Vince was holding a small mastermind of around 10 students and 4 coaches.

I was invited down, last minute, to teach some of what I do with SEO consulting.​

The issue was, all the students attending were actually doing dropshipping, not SEO.

But England was cold, rainy... and basically where I didn't want to be.

So I accepted the invite, figured it was a great opportunity to meet Vince (in person) for the first time... and who am I kidding, when the villa looks this good, it's hard to say no...​

And then it got interesting

Despite every single one of the students doing dropshipping, my now-friend Kurt and I, ended up teaching our models for doing client SEO i.e. selling SEO services to businesses.

Everyone loved it, but I never really thought much of it at the time, since y'know, they all had small dropshipping businesses.

I gave them some great advice though, and told them where to learn more to kickstart their own SEO business - if they cared to.

Then after 3 days, we all flew out, and that was it all over.

But it didn't stop there...

Fast forward to today, and let me introduce you to some of the students, many of which I'd name as close friends of mine today:

There's Stinus, who you may have seen from the Lion Zeal Show.

Stinus is now making around $10,000 per month from affiliate SEO in foreign markets.

There's Cory.

Cory went from working sales at AT&T, while on the side operating a small dropshipping store... to building a multiple 5 figure per month SEO agency.

There's Michael.

Michael dived into SEO as soon as the mastermind was over, and within 3 months ended up landing a high positioned job in a marketing agency - to lead up their new SEO team.

And there's Nate.

Nate applied what he learnt from dropshipping, to selling SEO services to ecommerce clients. His biggest clients pay him upwards of $5,000 per month.

Multiple of these guys left, to later build 4-5 figure per month SEO businesses

Now obviously that's not everyone from the mastermind.

But many of the other students that I've kept in touch with, are also running 4-5 figure per month businesses today, just not in SEO.

Ever since then I've become obsessed with teaching and helping others do the same.

From weekly interviews with SEO experts, to training courses, consulting sessions, a 7,500+ member Facebook group, etc.

Yet none of them have come close to the percentage of success I witnessed from that mastermind.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out why...

These students all got 3 days of full-time access to a team of coaches to support and advise them. And they got to see first hand, the lifestyle and thought processes of these coaches.

Then on top of that, they made friends with other highly motivated students all pursuing the same goals.

The "problem" with that though is the level of investment required to get so much 1-on-1 time with someone that actually makes money from doing something like SEO.

I personally charge $450 per hour for consulting. And even then, I turn down most people because it's simply too time consuming, when I have my own businesses to run.

And even with this mastermind, each of these students paid thousands of dollars just to be invited, never mind travel expenses, hotels, etc.

So I started thinking...

"Is it possible to re-create this without the
multiple 4 figure investment?"

​Something where students would have access to:

  • Great coaches that actually practice what they teach
  • Regular new training that can't be found in blog posts and YouTube videos
  • Open Q&A sessions where you can straight up ask great coaches for specific advice
  • And an amazing community of like-minded people to mastermind with

... All without a ridiculously high price tag that most people can't afford?

I thought about this for a long time, and honestly almost gave up on it.

I started thinking the only way to do it was to throw a multiple 4 figure price tag on something, like my $3,750 SEO agency consulting program.

So I stuck to creating expensive trainings, and doing all I could for free.

But late last year, at another mastermind actually, I had a brainwave, see...

In 2016, I Created Probably the 
Most Watched Grey Hat SEO
Podcast in the World

(Though I'm also probably the only person to call their podcast a "Grey Hat SEO Podcast", but still...)

I got to interview affiliate SEOs like Rob Atkinson making 5 figures profit per month, agency owners like Jason Swenk that built his own agency to 100 employees before selling it for a profit, freelance SEO consultants like Dan Ray who makes over £40k per month from selling links, and a whole lot more.

In these interviews, not only was it massively inspiring to hear their stories. Often times it felt like a straight up "master-class" from an expert in their field.

And here's a sneaky little benefit I took advantage of:

Most of the time, the guests were in such an "openly sharing" mood, that once we stopped the recording, they would continue sharing nuggets and tips with me.

Finally I asked myself...

"What if other people could also access these great guests as coaches?"

And that's why you're here today.

I've finally figured out a way to get you access to incredible coaches to teach you their behind the scenes strategies, a like-minded community, and an open Q&A environment... all for less than a daily cup of coffee.

Here's how you can access these great coaches

See, if you were to message any of the past guests of the show, their consultation fees would probably range from $250 - $1,000+ per hour. Rightfully too.

But what if we split this between a community of like-minded people?

Then had regular live discussions happening with this community too?

Well, here's what I came up with...

It's called:


And it's your chance to get "behind the scenes" access to exclusive training from myself and popular guests from the Lion Zeal Show, and LIVE Q&A sessions for tailored support.

Specifically, here's what you'll get:

  1. New Cutting Edge SEO Training Every Month from either myself or a guest expert from the show
  2. New Q&A webinar Every Month with myself and the guest expert that taught that months training (presuming it wasn't taught by me)
  3. Live Discussion Slack Chat for interacting with other members of the community, also within specific categories so you can chat exclusively with affiliates, agency owners, etc

Here's the training plan...

And just so you know you're receiving 100x more value than your investment, here's the training already planned out for Scientific Rankings.

This Month: My Full OnPage SEO Training ($97 value)

This is my complete beginner to advanced training teaching onpage SEO. It's a simple checklist for great onsite, broken down into ridiculously simple, step-by-step actions.

I normally charge $450/hr to manually consult this stuff, or sell it as part of a $497 course, so again, I highly doubt I'd have any difficulties selling this for $97.

Next Month: How Matt Diggity Ranks ($197 value)

Back in 2016, I asked Matt Diggity to do a webinar with people to show some of my high-paying students, how he's ranking sites today. This exact training is still very relevant today, and Matt himself will also be doing a live Q&A session extra.

This webinar was $97 to attend live, and $197 for the replay. Though I later decided to lock this up exclusive for members of my $500+ trainings as a bonus.

Here's what it covered, in Matt's own words:

  • 6 Steps to Take your Onsite SEO from Beginner to Expert
  • Backlinking in 2016: What REALLY works and what doesn't?
  • How to make your website look like its going viral
  • Out-of-the-box methods for niche discovery
  • How to prepare for 2017: The #1 ranking signal to watch out for​

April: How Dan Ray Builds White Hat Links ($197 value)

Dan Ray was a guest on one of the earliest episodes of the Lion Zeal Show. He currently has a SEO consulting business making £40k-£50k per month selling "white hat links".

In this video series he breaks down his favourite strategy for acquiring these links at scale. This is the backbone behind how he's ranking today.

On top of this, Dan will also be doing a live Q&A session.

Dan already sells this in his $500 course, but you'll get the condensed, straight to the point version.

May: How Stinus Does Foreign SEO ($147 value)

You may remember Stinus from earlier on this page, he's one of the original students from my friends mastermind, now doing around $10,000 per month from foreign SEO (even in languages he can't read or write).

In this video series you'll see Stinus' approach to keyword research (even if he can't read the language), his approach to ranking and PBNs, and even how he finds content for foreign markets. On top of this again, you'll be getting a live Q&A session with Stinus.

Stinus has never sold any training products before, and doesn't intend on. But based on the consultation requests and product requests I get for foreign SEO training, I know for sure, this could easily be sold for $147 (probably far more).

And a lot more...

This is just a teaser of what will happen in only 5 months, there's going to be more and more training, and plenty more amazing guests.

But based purely on just the teaser training...

Sold separately these would be worth at least $785.

And even if you were to say that everyones time is worth only $250/hour. The Q&A sessions alone, just from the guest coaches, would set you back $750+.


You Can Access ALL Of This For Less Than
$2.34 per day

To be a part of this brand new community, and get access to all the great training from myself and other real experts actually doing SEO...

You won't need to pay $497+ upfront.

Not even $97 per month for each new training, which would be a steal with the community and Q&A sessions included too.​

You can get all of this for just $67/month.

That's less than $2.34 per day. Less than a cup of coffee.

How To Join Scientific Rankings Monthly

So if you're ready to turn your ranking process into a predictable science, and want to learn from some of the best in the business as to how you can do that - click the big orange below and get started for just $67 today.

And if you join before March 7th, you'll be registered in time for the LIVE webinarwith Jesse Hanley, an onpage SEO wizard that's worked with clients like NomadList. Though registering early, will give you time to prepare questions.​

Daryl Rosser
Creator of Scientific Rankings

About Daryl Rosser

I'm a client SEO and recovered gaming addict. I also do some affiliate SEO and lead gen.

When I'm not doing SEO, I'm either helping other SEO's through my podcast, blog, and Facebook group at Lion Zeal.

Or travelling the world. Last year visiting 6 countries, and several more cities.

For anyone on the fence...

If you've read this far and haven't decided if this is right for you yet, then let me apologise.

This training definitely isn't for everyone.

Give an overly white hat SEO this and it would be pure entertainment, just watching them get angry and rant about how we're ruining SEO for them, and of course proclaiming that none of this works.

But if you've read this far and haven't clicked off the page in disgust, or already written a 500 word rant on Facebook about this page... then I'm going to presume this is something that would benefit you.

So I'm sorry for not making that clearer earlier.

Let me do that now. Here's who this is right for:

"This is perfect for beginners"

If you're new to SEO, it's even more important that you join this (of course I'm biased).

Trying to figure everything out alone isn't just far more difficult. It'll set you back $10,000s to figure out everything we'll be revealing in the training, and cost you months of your time... if not years.

And don't worry about the training being too advanced. Yes, there will be advanced parts, and yes, you may struggle to understand parts.

But one thing I'd like to think I'm good at, and having probably the most popular PBN guide on the web is testament to, is creating really simple to follow training - for anyone.

So don't worry, even a total beginner to SEO can get up to scratch with this training.

"Advanced SEOs should also highly consider this"

I'm not going to pretend that all of the strategies we'll be teaching are groundbreaking. There's definitely going to be a lot of stuff you already know.

But as an advanced SEO, there's 3 reasons you should join:

  1. The nuggets - As an advanced SEO, you're probably earning good money already, so one little nugget from our great coaches could potentially result in 5-6 figures in increased income from my experience
  2. The systems - To continually grow your business, you're going to need simple systems for hiring and teaching others. This training is perfect for giving you simple processes for you to use.
  3. The community - I can't promise that every SEO that joins this training will be advanced, but there's definitely going to be some great discussions in the Slack chat. You won't want to miss these.

"You don't even need to be in the SEO business"

Most of my blog readers and podcast listeners are SEOs themselves. But this training doesn't just apply to people who are in the business of doing SEO.

If you own a business that massively profits from your SEO, or in a business that can, then you'll gain a lot from this training just the same.

I'll say upfront, that some aspects may not be of interest to you. For example, at some point I'd like to have a month dedicated to Amazon Affiliate SEO. But the vast majority of this training will be directly applicable for anyone using SEO.

"Affiliate SEOs and Client SEOs"

I love a little affiliate SEO vs client SEO argument every now and then, but this isn't the place.

The truth is, aside from Google Maps stuff, almost everything is the same for local and affiliate SEO. 

(Presuming you're not doing local affiliate SEO, then it's literally the same)

So doesn't matter whether you're an affiliate SEO, client SEO, lead generator, or whatever else you identify with...

If your business thrives on your ability to deliver rankings, then this will benefit you.

Which decision is right for you?

Screw emotional decisions, this isn't a cult, you're not going to die if you don't join this. But if you're on the fence, the easiest way to decide whether or not this is right for you, is the numbers. Logic.

So here's what you need to decide, which option would you rather take?

The Fast Lane

  • Access simple step-by-step training based on testing our coaches have already done
  • Surround yourself with a community of like-minded people to support you
  • Get direct access (through Q&As) to amazing coaches for asking your specific questions
  • Get newly updated training every month, so you're always up to date on the latest strategies

The Slow Lane

  • Spend several months of your time and $10,000s testing everything to create simple processes
  • Go at it as a lone wolf and try to test absolutely everything yourself
  • Endlessly Google, guess, or spend months testing to find answers to your questions
  • Continually having to waste thousands of your own dollars testing strategies to stay on top of future changes

Here's what you get instant access today:

  • My PBN Mastery training course ($147 value)
  • An invitation to our first ever Q&A session
  • The Fast Money video series for getting your budget together 
  • An invitation to join our private Slack chat
  • The 10 part beginners SEO video series
  • A dumb image of Jesse, the "wizard of onpage SEO"

Frequently Asked Questions

How many trainings per month?

Who are the coaches?

How does the Slack chat work?

What happens if I join late?

Is it easy to cancel?

Is there a refund policy?

P.S. So there you have it.

Are you going to take the slow lane, or ride with us in the fast lane?

The final thing I can think to mention, and this really isn't scarcity, it's just so I don't get a lot of hate messages when I do this...

I'm planning on later increasing the price to $97/month. You'll see why when you get the training.

So if you want to save yourself the $30/m, and get instant access to the first months training today... Click the link below to get started now:

Yes, I'm ready for ranking to become simple and predictable!